That’s the motto of half of the companies doing business out there, right? I had kind of an argument the other day at Techhub because of this: flexibility vs simplicity.

I agree, flexibility is a must. I’m mr. flexible (unless you talk with my Pilates teacher who, very kindly, would inform you that I’m as flexible as an office chair). Still, when flexibility means throwing several options into the user’s face, then, I think that’s a major screwed up.

Don’t make me think?

Don’t make me choose, I would say, people struggle to make decisions, so when they want to send an email, let them send the email with a button that says “Send” and don’t give them any other option. Email is not good? what about clicking a link one of the many twitter clients where there’s a list of I don’t know how many options (open link, view link –woot—, save link, open link on this browser, email link, copy link… oh, for frak’s sake!